Apple Power Adapter Extension Cable

The Power Adapter Extension Cable is an AC extension cord that provides extra length for your Apple power adapter.

  • Apple Power Adapter Extension Cable
  • Power extension cable
  • CEE 7/7 (M)
  • 1.83 m
  • Germany
  • for MagSafe, MagSafe 2, USB-C
SAP: 3417025
Manufacturer: MK122D/A
EAN: 888462406963
Weight: 0.2 kg
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List Price: 25,21 EUR (incl. 20% VAT)
Main Features
The Power Adapter Extension Cable is an AC extension cord that provides extra length for your Apple power adapter.

Type: Power extension cable
Length: 1.83 m
Localisation: German / Germany
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Connector: Power CEE 7/7 - male
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Designed For: P/N: MC461B/A, MC461B/B, MC461E/A, MC461J/A, MC461LL/A, MC461LL/A1, MC461LL/A-BUN, MC461T/A, MC461TU/A, MC461X/A, MC461Y/A, MC461Z/A-SF, MC461ZM/A, MC461ZM/B, MC556, MC556B/A, MC556B/B, MC556B/C, MC556D/B, MC556E/B, MC556LL/A, MC556LL/B, MC556LL/B1, MC556LL/B-BUN, MC556X/A, MC556X/B, MC556Z/A, MC556Z/B, MC556Z/C, MC556ZM/A, MC556ZM/B, MC747, MC747/A, MC747B/A, MC747B/B, MC747CZ/A, MC747D/A, MC747DK/A, MC747E/A, MC747F/A, MC747FN/A, MC747J/A, MC747K/A, MC747LL/A, MC747LL/A1, MC747LL/A-BUN, MC747MG/A, MC747N/A, MC747PO/A, MC747PRT/A, MC747S/A, MC747T/A, MC747TU/A, MC747X/A, MC747Y/A, MC747Z/A, MC747Z/B, MC747ZM/A, MC747ZM/B, MD506B/A, MD506B/B, MD506CI/A, MD506DK/A, MD506DK/B, MD506E/A, MD506LL/A, MD506LL/A1, MD506LL/A-BUN, MD506LL/A-R, MD506SM/A, MD506SM/B, MD506X/A, MD506Z/A, MD506Z/B, MD506ZM/B, MD565/A, MD565B/A, MD565B/B, MD565CI/A, MD565DK/A, MD565E/A, MD565J/A, MD565LL/A, MD565LL/A1, MD565LL/A-BUN, MD565LL/A-HIL, MD565SM/A, MD565X/A, MD565Z/A, MD565Z/B, MD592B/A, MD592B/B, MD592B/BOB, MD592CH/A, MD592CI/A, MD592DK/A, MD592DK/B, MD592E/A, MD592LL/A, MD592LL/A1, MD592LL/A-BUN, MD592SM/A, MD592SM/B, MD592X/A, MD592Z/B, MD592ZM/A, MD836, MD836B/A, MD836B/B, MD836CI/A, MD836E/A, MD836KH/A, MD836LE/A, MD836LL/A, MD836LL/A1, MD836LL/A-BUN, MD836LL/A-K, MD836S/A, MD836X/A, MD836Z/A, MD836ZA/A, MD836ZB/B, MD836ZM/A, MD836ZM/B, MD836ZP/A, MJ262AM/A, MJ262B/A, MJ262LE/A, MJ262LL/A, MJ262LZ/A, MJ262X/A, MJ262Z/A, MJ262ZP/A, MNF72B/A, MNF72KH/A, MNF72LL, MNF72LL/A, MNF72LZ/A, MNF72X/A, MNF72Z/A, MNF82B/A, MNF82KH/A, MNF82LL, MNF82LL/A, MNF82LZ/A, MNF82X/A, MNF82Z/A, MNF82ZP/A
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Technical Specs

There are no specifications available at this time